2021v12, Wednesday: Loss.

It hurts. Always.

2021v12, Wednesday: Loss.

Short thought: I’m sorry. This is going to be far shorter a thought than usual.

My fellow member of Chambers, Tim Nesbitt QC, died suddenly a few days ago. It hurts.

I didn’t know Tim particularly well. I’ve worked with him I think three times.

But he leaves a huge hole.

I can’t remember a conversation with him where I came away feeling anything other than better. I can’t remember him ever having been less than helpful, warm, funny. And most importantly, kind.

He was also a fabulous advocate. That must be said. But fine advocacy (and the razor-sharp mind behind it) and generous humanity don’t necessarily go hand in hand at the Bar. (Although it’s more common than some might cynically suspect.)

Tim exemplified this tendency, of brilliance coupled with kindness. Perhaps even the one feeding the other, and vice versa.

We miss him. We can honour him by following his lead. We’ll fail. Of course we will - that’s part of being human. But we can make it a priority. And that’s most of the battle.

Bye, Tim. God bless.