Who am I?

I’m a barrister. New to this trade, but I’ve been around…

I joined Outer Temple Chambers as a pupil in 2018 and became a tenant in 2019. Since then, I’ve been building a practice across commercial disputes, business crime of all kinds (from sanctions and export controls to bribery and fraud, civil and criminal, and to health & safety), regulatory issues and data protection. As well as advising clients on what they should do about legal problems and representing them in Court, my background means I can advise on and assist in complex investigations of all kinds.

I’m also a member of the Attorney General’s C Panel of Counsel, which means I’ve been selected to advise and represent government departments in litigation.

Among the work I’ve been involved in, I’ve:

  • Advised and represented two of the UK’s financial regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Payment Systems Regulator, in matters ranging from new payment systems to freedom of information;
  • Helped clients (from tech startups and law firms to HNW individuals and regulated financial services firms) deal with sanctions and export controls in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine;
  • Advised clients in major disputes with regulated banks and brokers;
  • Represented clients in numerous commercial actions in the High Court and County Court;
  • Been junior in a civil fraud suit against a High Street bank in relation to allegations of mis-selling;
  • Helped multiple clients release cash and assets frozen as part of proceeds of crime and customs investigations;
  • Advised and represented clients (both claimants and defendants) in several data protection and privacy matters, including several for government departments and one involving the improper disclosure of material relating to the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse;
  • Advised several clients on how they can maintain compliance with the UK’s financial regulatory framework as it relates to MiFID, client assets, claims management, diversity and whistleblowing;
  • Helped a biotech startup develop a legal strategy to confront the unlawful exploitation of its intellectual property by former employees and directors;
  • Advised on the use of crypto in client due diligence in the regulated sector;
  • Assisted with an appeal against a regulatory decision by Lloyd’s of London;
  • Represented both claimants and employers in employment matters including whistleblowing, unfair dismissal, TUPE and discrimination.

I’m lucky enough to be at a Chambers with a broad scope of work, so I don’t have to limit myself.

I am also a member of the Society of Mediators, so if you are involved in a legal dispute and both you and the other parties want to explore possible non-Court solutions via mediation, I can help.

While most of my work comes through solicitors, as with most barristers, I am qualified to work on a Public Access basis, meaning I can be approached by lay clients directly. There are limitations on what Public Access work I can do (for instance, I don’t do Public Access employment work – and the BSB website has guidance for the public about retaining a barrister on a Public Access basis). So please get in touch with my Practice Director, Sam Carter, to discuss.

Before then, I:

  • ran anti-fraud and anti-corruption programmes at two international banks, as well as leading their internal criminal and misconduct investigations;
  • Worked in intelligence and investigations for the Financial Services Authority, including instigating the enquiries that led to the convictions of the HBOS Reading fraudsters; and
  • Started out as a reporter specialising first in technology and then, from 2001 to 2007, becoming BBC News’ sole specialist in financial crime.

Because I’m a barrister, I’m regulated by the Bar Standards Board.