Contacting me

Don’t hesitate to reach out, using the contact information below. Given that we’re all working remotely, email, phone or even LinkedIn beats old-fashioned mail every time.

Mostly, I work in the traditional manner, with solicitors engaging me to help their clients. I get to work with some fantastic solicitors – thoughtful, professional, practical and smart. However, I’m also qualified to accept Direct Access work – that is, to be retained directly by clients. There are limitations on the kind of Direct Access work I will accept, but please do contact the clerking team, Sam or George (whose contact details you’ll find in the sidebar), if you want to discuss engaging me on this basis. You can find the Bar Standards Board’s guidance for lay clients on public access here.

And as with most of us post-Covid, I work almost entirely paperless these days. So if you have papers and bundles as PDFs, please don’t print them. Email them, or send me a cloud link. I prefer it that way.

Get in Touch

You can find my regulatory record on the BSB’s website here.

Clerking Team

I’m fortunate to work with some of the best clerks in the business. My Practice Director is Sam Carter, who’s ably assisted by my Senior Practice Manager George Bennett. Either will be happy to help if you’d like to retain my services.


My fees vary. Often we can agree a fixed fee for a specific service (be it advice, consultancy and/or representation), which will vary depending on how long it is likely to take and how complex or delicate it is likely to be. For longer or more open-ended engagements, an hourly or daily rate is probably a better idea, which can sometimes be capped (at a number of hours or days beyond which I won’t go without your consent).

As to how long engagements will last, that depends on the kind of work. Advice will usually take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the circumstances. Representation in court could take days or a few weeks (if I’m briefed on a one-off basis for a specific hearing), or much longer if you need my help throughout litigation. That timescale will depend on factors such as the type and complexity of the case, the other side’s approach, and court waiting times.

Please note that I’m VAT-registered, so any fee we agree will be explicit about whether it includes VAT or needs to have VAT added to it. I can provide my VAT number on request.