Desk du jour, #2: Zara F

Zara and I were at Bar School together. She’s now at the FCA. And her desk puts mine to shame…

Oh dear.

I didn’t think the desk-shaming would start this quickly. But Zara’s is an example of organisation and nice angles. Liking the colour of the backlit keyboard as well.

Plus she’s got classy artwork, which make my bare walls look like the travesty of stylelessness that they are. And the kettle/teapot combination? Nice.

(The Windows machine in the middle, by the way, is now standard FCA issue. Most of its staff work remotely at least some of the time, and I have to say their VPN/remote working setup is better than a lot of corporates I could mention… Good on them.)

Next? Volunteer your pix by email, please, people.