Here we go.

I've been writing, spasmodically, for most of this year. Now to get into the habit. Perhaps Substack can help.

As lockdown started, and I came out of what I think (I guess I’ll never know) was a nasty but blessedly brief entanglement with The Bug, I kicked off a blog. It felt like a throwback to the early days, when people wrote in order to write, rather than instrumentally. I can’t pretend it was just that for me; as a barrister, and one for whom the Bar’s new paperless, remote way of working felt like second nature rather than an alien imposition, there was a chance to spread the word a bit about how to cope. But it also offered the chance to write again. I’ve been a professional writer for almost three decades now, although I stopped being a reporter in 2007; and I realised I missed writing for myself, but for others’ eyes.

I haven’t kept it up terribly well. Today’s posts on the site come almost two months after the last. Not good.

So I’m turning to Substack, like so many other people. I hope I can write much more briefly, but much more regularly. Rarely more than once a day; often not even that. And I’m not dumping the blog for the moment; I’ll mirror the two.

But if you’d like to stay in touch, with no effort at all after the initial sign-up, I’d love for you to join me.

Blessings. Peace. All good things to us all.